Interprofessional Team

IMPROVE utilizes a team-based approach to care. The interprofessional team, including attendings and resident trainees in all disciplines,  consists of the following specialties:

  • Primary Care (Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners) and Geriatrics
  • Clinical Pharmacy 
  • Clinical Health Psychology

Primary Care (Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners) and Geriatrics

  • Provides access to primary care facilities including clinic rooms and training rooms
  • Provides knowledge about patients and past medical history 
  • Guiding initial clinic design and included assessments
  • Preparing didactic topics and reviewing patient charts
  • Interpreting IMPROVE screenings for cognitive impairment, functional impairment, and falls
  • Modeling interprofessional geriatric approach to care in precepting primary care trainees

Clinical Pharmacy 

  • Reviews medication regimen for:
  1. Drug-related side effects
  2. Prescribing cascade
  3. Indication of each medication
  4. Potential overtreatment
  5. Medication reconciliation discrepancies
  6. Inappropriate renal dosing
  7. Medication regimen complexity 
  • Provides medication technique counseling 
  • Prepares medication-related topic discussions

Clinical Health Psychology 

  • Behavioral strategies to supplement or replace medications for management of certain conditions and their clinical correlates (insomnia, weight loss, anxiety, chronic pain,  hypertension, depression, smoking cessation, nonadherence, diabetes)
  • Assessment of risk factors for non-adherence (mood, cognitive status)
  • Background in group process and facilitation to educate team about strategies for conducting group visits
  • Behavioral goal setting and problem solving
  • Motivational interviewing (address ambivalence, promote change talk related to medication self-management)